What’s The Market Like Right Now?

As you now, the 4th quarter is under way and we are moving quickly to the end of the year.  With that in mind a lot of owners like you have questions regarding seasonality and how it affects our local real estate market and the value of your property. 


Are there buyers in town this time of year?

Yes, the summer is over but that does not mean that our market stops. When researching sales throughout the last 12 months you will find that there are sales taking place in very single month of the year. 

My Point: The market changes very little from season to season.  What does change though is the type of buyer we see in town.  For example, younger families tend to buy in the summer because the kids are out of school and they are here on vacation.  Retirees and tend to buy in the spring, and snowbirds buy in the winter.  And investors are buying all year round.  So the question changes from- Are there buyers in town to who are the buyer in town?  And it’s the who that effects our marketing most. 


Should I wait until next year to sell?

Is there is a specific reason that you are waiting:    

  • your son or daughter is getting married at the beach and you want to have your property during that time – you might want to wait.
  • there is a tax advantage to selling in 2015 – you may want to wait.

Here’s the thing: It’s your property and you can certainly sell it whenever you want.  What I would ask you is this – would you rather have your money in January or in June?  If you want it in January then you may want to consider getting your property on the market now and when we find a buyer you simply make closing in January part of the deal.  That way you close in 2015 – but you get your money in January – not June.


Finally, I want to discuss market conditions:

During the first 6 months of 2014, the market was on fire. Prices were going up and we were seeing a lot of transactions.  Over the last few months we have seen the market stabilize and flatten out some.  This can be seen in our:

  • Inventory – there are more properties for sale.
  • Days on Market – it’s taking longer to sell properties
  • No. of Sales – Dipping slightly


The Bottom Line: I do not have many concerns about our market and feel like we are simply moving toward a “normal” market again.  As we mentioned earlier there are always buyers in the market and I’m sure when you are ready to sell we can find one for you as well.


About The Author

John_Moran[1]My name is John Moran – I’m the lead agent on Keller Williams Realty’s At The Beach Team. I and all my team members are committed to doing the very best we can to get you the greatest return for your real estate investment and will strive to help you maximize your position as a buyer or seller.

I hope this information is helpful for you and if there is anything I can do to help you in the future please do not hesitate to call or text me at 850-217-7618, or email me at JohnMoran@AtTheBeachTeam.com 


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