What Happens If Oil Hits The Destin Area Beaches?

Worry Abounds

Everyone who owns or lives in the Destin area along with those who visit our wonderful beaches is worried about the oil spill and what the effects will be.  As of today I can tell you there is NO OIL on our beaches yet but by all accounts there will be in the days and weeks to come. 

What Next?

Merlin Law Group will be hosting an educational town hall meeting, along with Keefe, Anchors, Gordon and Moyle, P.A (KAGM). to help those who may be affected from what is being described as the worst environmental calamity in US history, in understanding what they need to know about the oil spill and how it may affect their bottom-line. Gulf Coast Oil Spill Catastrophe: An Educational Town Hall Meeting is expected to be heavily attended by those unsure as to what this catastrophe can mean to their lives, will be held on Tuesday, May 4th at 1:00 PM in the Emerald Ballroom at the Hilton at Sandestin, 4400 South Sandestin Boulevard, Destin, Florida 32550.

I will attend and hopefully learn what property and business owners need to do now in order to prepare their property against damage and in the unfortunate event that a claim will have to be filed. Apparently they will address concerns from condominium associations, restaurants and hotels anticipating and already experiencing major interruption in their business as people who had considered vacationing in along the Gulf Coast and Florida are cancelling plans in face of the real possibility of the destruction of beaches by the spill. Also of great concern is possible evacuation should the oil cause the presence of toxins in the air and in the water.

Check back tomorrow to see the results of this meeting. 

Wondering About Your Destin Real Estate?

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