Highest Prices In Years for Your Real Estate At The Beach

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Emerald Coast Real Estate Prices Are on an Upswing

You have probably heard that things are heating up here at the beach and that we have had great success getting a good number of our clients the highest sales prices in years for their properties.  While it’s difficult to time any market and predict long term outcomes you can look at trends and conditions and get a good sense as to where the market is going in the short term.   Here are three trends I watch to help provide good advice to my clients relative to the value of their properties or the properties they are thinking of buying.


  1. Banks have eased lending requirements.  In recent months banks have begun making it easier for people (including investors with multiple properties) to get financing.  This is putting more money within reach to more people which is very good news for both buyers and sellers.


  1. Interest rates are still very low.  I was talking with a buyer last week who told me he was going to pay cash for a property but his financial adviser told him to hold onto his money and borrow what he needed because rates are so favorable right now.  These rates can’t last forever but for the near future buyers will have access to cheap money and that is great news for investors.


  1. Rental incomes are high.  We have seen a steady rise in rental income over the last few years and this increase in revenue is translating into higher values for rental properties.   Many buyers lean heavily on the rental income when determining how high much they are willing to pay for a property and if the rents are high it makes it easier to agree to higher sales prices.


My Point

Again – it’s impossible to look far out into the future and predict with any certainty of what will happen with real estate prices but by watching certain trends you can in anticipate with reasonable certainty what prices will do in the short term.   And the trends right now are telling us that conditions are good for sellers to capture higher prices for their properties than they have been able to for years.


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About The Author

John_Moran[1]My name is John Moran – I am the Team Leader for  Keller Williams Realty’s At The Beach Team.  My team and I are committed to doing the very best we can to get you the greatest return for your real estate investment and will strive to help you maximize your position whether you are  a buyer or a seller.

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